SPV Blue



To make the year more fun for our members, and give them something extra regarding pole and silks, we have several fun activities planned every year. Our activities are for our members only. We are planning a lot of nice activities for this academic year (2017-2018). For some of our activities we don't know the dates yet, but this will be updated as soon as possible!


Do you have questions or suggestions, let us know via spvblueeindhoven@gmail.com!


Pot-luck dinner16 November 201718:00Bring your own pre-made dish
Stretch workshop18 November 201716:00By Sophie Grinsven, 5 euros for non-members
Sinterklaas Week4-6-8 December 2017During classYou'll see. ;)
Paalfitness Acro-yoga exchange12 December 201718:00Polefitness (polestudio)
Paalfitness Acro-yoga exchange16 December 201716:00Acro-Yoga (Gym)
Workshop Hoop27 January 201811:00Gym
February activitytbatba
Make-up workshop24 March 2018tba
Game night Blue12 April 201819:00Bring your board-games!
ShownightMay 2018tbaStart preparing your choreography. ;)
Photoshoot10 June 2018tba